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Kalavrita is known for their historicity and it has the particular preference of dense - mainly Greeks - tourists. The distance from Athens is just 190 kilometres, and covered in their bigger part by Nationally road. The node for Kalavrita is found in the 159 kilometre of national road of Athens - Patras. Their connection becomes also with railway (22 kilometres from Diakofto) with the eminent and unique Cogged, that it crosses (going up) the famous Gorge of Voyraikou River: an attraction known as in the Greek nation, but also abroad. The tourist can visit in the Kalavrita:

- The monastery of Saint Layras with the most infrequent heirlooms and the historical Labarum. With this Labarum Palaion Patron Germanos raised the flag and put under oath the lads, in order to begins the Revolution and to released first Kalavrita on 21 March of 182
(5 km from the city)
- The monastery of Big cavern (built on rock) with the miraculous, embossed picture of Virgin Mary, (one of the 4 work of Apostolos Loukas, manufactured from candle and gum).
(10 km from the city)
- The Pan-Hellenic hero’s tomb of 1821.
(6 km from the city)
- The monument of execution. The Space that the Germans conquerors executed all men in 13-12-1943. (1 km from the city)
- The ski Centre of Kalavrita (1600 - 2200 m. altitude):
In order to enjoy the beauty of Helmos and the breeze of innumerable firs, that covers the slopes of legendary mountain.
For SKI, if is winter.
Everyone can learn SKI, after functions Faculty in Ski center.
(12 km from the city)
- The trout factory of Planiteroy. In foot of Helmos, front of rich sources of Aroaneioy river, under thousands leafy planes, it operates the trout factory, where the visitor can enjoy in the artificial lake the magnificence of swans, or the delicious fried trout, that is fished on the spot and prepared the same time.
(9 km from the Caverns)

  • Agia Lavra2 Kalavryta
  • Archontiko Paleologinas1 Kalavryta
  • Archontiko Paleologinas2 Kalavryta
  • Dimotiko Mouseio Kalavryta
  • Genisi Theotokou Kalavryta
  • Kalavryta13
  • Kalavryta1
  • Kalavryta4
  • Kalavryta Chalet
  • Kalavryta
  • Kalavryta Pezodromos
  • Kalavryta Xionodromiko
  • Mega Spileo Kalavryta
  • Mnimio Pesonton 1821 Kalavryta
  • Odontotos Kalavryta1
  • Odontotos Kalavryta
  • Paleon Patron Germanos Kalavryta
  • Spilaio Limnon Kalavryta
  • Topos Thisias Kalavryta
  • Xenonas Mega Spileou Kalavryta
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